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Prince Harry’s book was a success, but at a cost?

EntertainmentBooksPrince Harry’s book was a success, but at a cost?

By now, Prince Harry’s book is the most old nonfiction book in the world. A huge success, which not many saw coming. But one might wonder, at what cost?

After all, this wasn’t a book about friends or coworkers but family. And there’s just so much a person can say until the love for one another starts getting lost in the dismissive words of each other.

No more family invites to special parties and birthdays, and if there were any, even I would be shocked. This success might not be seen yet as costly as it depends gratefully on how much the former Duke cares about the Royal family’s future as Head of State. Maybe now the Royal family would act differently. Maybe their side of story is not quite what it seems to be in the book.

Too many maybes. Only one side of the story, and a success that might be a tad too pricey, even for a wealthy prince.

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